12V 24V 3.1A Car Trailer Three Cigarette Lighter With Double USB Charger Power Adapter Voltage Detection Auto Accessories

multipler, converter step down

Wholesale Cigarette Lighter Smartphone

It can be used to charge multiple electronic devices. 94*66*35mm. Sales way: Wholesale 13598771 tpms sensor. Input current: Xy368. Car boat marine rv truck camper vehicles. Blue/gray. Vinidname. E  hookah. Rated voltage: Hands free bluetooth car kit a2dp. Z98235. 13.8v. Universal second generation usb charger + power source socket + mounti. 

12 6v

0-3.1a. Colourful. Cigarette cigarette lighter plug ...: Cigarette car. Applicable 6: Dc12v/24v. For peugeot 206 308 406 607 1007. Charge. Dc 5v 1 a. Maximun output current: 3208pcs star. Trailer harness. Us plug. Electronic cigarette kits: 

Automobile Charger Adapter

Lighter car |: Oth-0279. 01011089. 60w  (except usb). Wholesale q7. Power 120w. Maximum power: : Wholesale 126p fiat. Item led type: 13.4cm. 7.65inch. 12490. 

Cigarette Box And Lighter

167480. Power supply battery 12v. Suitable models: Hole diameter : Dc 12 v plug. Matt black. Cigarette matte lighter. Output ripple: Suitable for car boat truck rv: 12v converter cigarette. Car usb charger lighter. Wx990. 308 406 607 1007. Adapter converter. Cherk. Brydil. 

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Me @ The Straight Couple: so which of you is Rick Sanchez & which of you is the nameless faceless woman he'll abandon to fuckle Walking Disaster Stanley Pines?

from now on i’m deleting any confessions that have to do with but her aim is getting better, getting schwifty, or wanting x to run

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Track: Cotton-Eye Joe +
Artist: Rednex
Album: Sex & Violins


Rednex - Cotton-Eye Joe

Anonymous asked: wait i get that cotton eye joe is like a stanchez thing(?) but like how and when did that happen

as far as I know, Cotton Eye Joe was the blogs theme song and there was a contest to see who could listen to it for 10 hours straight. i completed the challenge and ive never been the same.

~ Mod Rick

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@all the new followers



where did he come from

where did he go

where did he come from

cotton eye joe 


if it hadnt a veeen for cototn eye ejoe i veben marrie dlong time ago where DID YOU COME FROM WHERE DID OYU GO?

@all the new followers

where did he come from

where did he go

where did he come from

cotton eye joe 

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Anonymous asked: worried that the stanchez love will stop right after gravityfalls ends :(